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M.S. in Website Design and Development. B.S. in Digital Multimedia and Communications.

Keilor Brown - Web. Photo. Video.

Keilor Brown Designer

I've been involved in computers from age 16. Since then, I've graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Multimedia and Communications from Valley Forge Christian College. I'm currently enrolled in Graduate Studies at University of Denver for a Master's Degree with emphasis on Website Design and Development.

My Work

Newville Assembly of God

  • Date: 20 April 2015
  • Categories: WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Client:Newville Assembly of God

Newville AoG had an out-dated site, and needed a fresh web presence. I built this site in WordPress, and am very proud of the result.

Launch Site

New Life Church (School Project)

  • Date: 01 May 2013
  • Categories: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP
  • Client: New Life Church

A local church asked me to remake their website. At the time, I was in need of a website to build for a class, so I developed them a free HTML version of the site, but felt it needed more. After the website was finished, I decided to revamp the site in to a PHP version and include much more functionality with menus and scripts. Here are both results:

Launch PHP Site
Launch HTML Site

Justin DeMartino (School Project)

  • Date: 20 May 2013
  • Categories: JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Client: Justin DeMartino

Justin DeMartino came to me as an actor and singer without an online presence besides the average social media outlets. I developed him a simple V-card displaying some of his vocal and audio work.

Launch Site

Drumheller Hauling, LLC

  • Date: 11 June 2013
  • Categories: Adobe Photoshop
  • Client: Drumheller Hauling, LLC

Drumheller Hauling, LLC is a livestock hauling company. They came to me in need of a logo to put on t-shirts. Here's the finished product, still hot!

Drumheller Hauling Logo

Rock Climbing 101 (Video)

  • Date: September 2012
  • Categories: Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Lightroom 4, Adobe Photoshop
  • Client: Personal Project

Rock Climbing 101 is a personal project. I've been rock climbing for about a year now, and took along my camera once. This is a stop motion video of what a typical rock climbing journey is like.

Climbing from Keilor Brown on Vimeo.


I use Canon DSLR cameras, develop in Adobe Lightroom, and edit/retouch in Adobe Photoshop.

Categories: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Lightroom 4

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